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PTFE Gaskets

Goa Polymer offers a complete line of standard and custom gaskets
produced to the highest standards.

PTFE gaskets are excellent in applications involving solvents,
corrosive chemicals and high temperatures.

There are different types of PTFE gaskets for each particular sealing application…ring, full face, flange and envelope gaskets.

A PTFE envelope gasket is a gasket that is split or machined from the outside diameter wall to 1/16 of an inch from the inside diameter. Envelope gaskets can be supplied slit/v-type or milled/square cut with or with out a filler.

A ring gasket has a thickness, inside and outside dimension.

A full face gasket has a thickness, inside and outside dimension along with bolt holes.

A flange gasket is primarily the same as a full face without The bolt holes.

These gaskets are available in standard and metric pipe sizes up to
60″ outside diameter.