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PTFE ‘O’ Rings

We are the leading manufacturer, distributor and supplier of comprehensive range of quality PTFE ’O’ Ring. PTFE O-Rings are an ideal solution for sealing applications where there are high temperatures and corrosive liquids or gases involved.

PTFE is a very popular material for O Rings. It is applicable in environments which require chemical resistance and non-compressible material.

PTFE O rings are resistant to a number of chemicals including steam, acids, bases, oils, etc. PTFE O-Rings is also known as Teflon O Rings. It has outstanding tear resistance and abrasive resistance resulting in slippery surface properties that make it advantageous for use in seals in moving systems such as valves. Usually it is not recommended for high vacuum seals and low compression vacuum sealing flanges. PTFE O-Rings do not have the compliance of rubber O-rings. To ease assembly, the cross sectional squeeze should be reduced relative to that specified for rubber.

Inseal International is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium quality PTFE and Teflon O-Rings from India.